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Creat a Company in Portugal

Company formation, taxes, accounting, and banking. 

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Company in Portugal

Residence Permit

For entrepreneur immigrants- is valid for two years,  of the corresponding title and renewable for successive periods of three years until Portuguese citizenship .

Residence visas are granted  entrepreneurs wishing to invest in Portugal, provided that: 

a) Have carried out investment operations; 

 b) Demonstrate that they have financial resources available in Portugal, including those resulting from 

financing obtained from a financial institution in Portugal, and demonstrate, by any means, the intention to 

carry out an investment operation in Portuguese territory; 

 c) Develop an entrepreneurial project, including the creation of an innovative base company, integrated in a 

certified incubator under the terms defined by ordinance of the members of the Government responsible for 

the areas of internal administration and the economy 

Highly qualified activity Immigration Portuguese  

One whose exercise requires specialized technical skills, of an exceptional nature or an appropriate qualification for the respective exercise
Independent professional activity
Any activity carried out personally, under a service provision contract, relating to the exercise of a liberal profession or in the form of a company

Advice on buying or selling your house in Portugal  Safety Investment

In Portugal, the purchase and sale of any houses, land, urbanization apartments and all ,must have the intervention of a professional. The notarial deed could be granted by a lawyer. 
After registration the property will be yours. 

Portugal Flag
Portugal Flag

How to buy or selling a PROPERTY in Portugal  

 Property, Purchase, Process, Documents and Costs  

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Rustic and Urban and Land Registration and prohibited and permitted areas for construction of houses, Buildings etc. 

City Hall permits, allotments

Warranties in the Chambers 

Law of Succession and consequences in the Registry 

Purchase, Sales and all types of Transfers

Loan Agreements and Mortgages



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